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  1. Silk Velvet T-Shirt Silk Velvet T-Shirt

    $150 $97.50

  2. Relaxed Silk Velvet Blazer Relaxed Silk Velvet Blazer

    $275 $178.75

  3. Silk Floaty Hem Dress Silk Floaty Hem Dress

    $275 $137.50

  4. Washed Velvet Cropped Jean Washed Velvet Cropped Jean

    $110 $71.50

  5. Silk Satin T-shirt Silk Satin T-shirt

    $150 $97.50

  6. Silk Satin Blouse Silk Satin Blouse

    $160 $104

  7. Silk Satin Blouse Silk Satin Blouse

    $160 $104

  8. Washed Velvet Button Skirt Washed Velvet Button Skirt

    $99 $64.35

  9. Pleat Pocket Shirt Pleat Pocket Shirt

    $170 $85

  10. Pleat Pocket Shirt Pleat Pocket Shirt

    $170 $85

  11. Pleat Pocket Shirt Pleat Pocket Shirt

    $170 $85

  12. Pleat Pocket Shirt Pleat Pocket Shirt

    $170 $85

  13. Silk Linen Blazer Silk Linen Blazer

    $199 $131.34

  14. Silk T-shirt Silk T-shirt


  15. Silk T-shirt Silk T-shirt

    $129 $77.40

  16. Silk Dress Silk Dress

    $275 $192.50

  17. Silk Linen Trouser Silk Linen Trouser

    $170 $111.92

Indulge in our velvet and silk collection

It may be fashionable at the moment, but did you know that velvet as a luxury fabric dates back all the way to the Middle Ages? It’s incredible to think that it’s only now, thanks to the divine Pure Collection range, that velvet has reached its full potential.

This beautiful, soft-pile fabric can actually be woven from any kind of fiber, but we believe that silk velvet is the best type of velvet money can buy – so this is what we use for the majority of our velvet collection. We particularly love its delightful sheen and flowing drape – qualities that are far less apparent when using synthetic velvet.

Opting for silk also makes sure that all of velvet products, from our beautiful washed jeans to our silky velvet shirts, are not only wonderfully soft, but also durable. In fact, our clothes are so durable that you can keep them clear of dirt and dust with a bristled hair brush, without any fear of damaging the material.

And it isn’t just jeans and shirts; we have a wide range of delicate and durable velvet products. Pick up a pair of velvet trousers, try on a velvet pencil skirt, pull on a velvet t-shirt or slip on a velvet blazer – there’s all this and more, in a wide variety of styles to suit every body and every budget. So get ready for a whole new world of softness.

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