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  1. Pencil Skirt Pencil Skirt


  2. Sequin Pencil Skirt Sequin Pencil Skirt


  3. Jersey Maxi Skirt Jersey Maxi Skirt


  4. Jersey Maxi Skirt Jersey Maxi Skirt


  5. Soft Pleat Skirt Soft Pleat Skirt


  6. Soft Pleat Skirt Soft Pleat Skirt

    $130 $52

  7. A Line Skirt A Line Skirt

    $120 $60

  8. A Line Skirt A Line Skirt

    $120 $60

  9. A Line Skirt A Line Skirt

    $115 $68

  10. Knitted Skirt Knitted Skirt

    $180 $90

  11. Knitted Skirt Knitted Skirt

    $199 $133

  12. Knitted Skirt Knitted Skirt

    $199 $59

  13. Knitted Skirt Knitted Skirt

    $180 $90

  14. Soft Pleat Skirt Soft Pleat Skirt

    $120 $78

Streamline your shape with gorgeous skirts

Elegance meets sophistication in our beautiful range of skirts. Make a bold statement with a Pure Collection skirt, whether you’re living it up on a night out or working hard in the office.


A range of styles and lengths give you plenty of choice in our collection of women’s coats and women’s jackets. Wear them through all seasons. Whether you prefer knee length pencil skirts, long maxi skirts or a-line skirts, you’re sure to find a hemline and shape that fits your personal style. Our skirts range from sizes 8 to 20, so simply pick from a variety of colors and then choose the perfect fit for your figure.


You’ll feel like a dream every time you wear one of our skirts. The fabric we use is often soft and cozy cashmere and wool. The cashmere we source is from goats in Mongolia, and the fine yarns makes each skirt wonderfully warm. Pay attention to our guide on how to look after your skirt, and you’ll be surprised at how many years it can last. Some of our skirts are made with jersey, one of our favorite fabrics for a shape that flatters your curves. We also use denim, velvet, linen and leather to give you plenty of options.


You can match up a Pure Collection skirt with practically anything in your closet, so they can easily transform from work clothes to casual clothes. This season, pair them with cashmere knit.

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