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White Out | Snow Day Chic

Written By Pure Collection on the

Survive Storm Jonas and any other record-breaking blizzards in the future with our chic picks that will keep you warm and stylish whilst you’re snowed in. All together now: Let it snow, let it snow! 

Stay Cozy

If you’re not planning on braving the outdoors, stay warm and cozy indoors with the cashmere cowl neck sweater. The sumptuous texture and exquisite design means you’ll be pulling this out whenever the snow hits.

Think Layers

Whether you’ll be spending your day throwing snowballs and making snow angels or stocking up on essentials, layering up with cashmere is the perfect way to keep out the cold. Pull a cashmere blend coat over your favourite cashmere sweater and top it off with a simple cashmere scarf.

Call it what you will – snowmageddon, snowzilla, blizzard of 2016 - if you’re like us you won’t need another excuse to stock up on cashmere, but however you’re spending your snow days do it in style.

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