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Cashmere for all occasions

15 years ago, at the start of our cashmere journey, we had only 25 styles available. Now, we have grown into a diverse range of womenswear that includes luxury styles and incredible value. As the years go on, Cashmere will always be our main focus, from our women’s jackets and coats to our women’s sweaters and ponchos.

We knowledgeably use Cashmere, one of the finest fibers in the world, to produce wonderfully luxurious, soft garments. Our cashmere comes from the fleece of Mongolia’s Capra Hicrus goat. Throughout the whole process, our production is fully sustainable to make sure we can offer a fantastic quality for a reasonable cost. Turning this really fine yarn into clothing of unparalleled softness means it must go through 40 unique checks and processes.

The soft and vivid styles of our beautiful cashmere pieces are created through a combination of combing, sorting, grading, dying, spinning and knitting. From hemlines to attention-grabbing cables, we also put the effort in to perfect the small details. This means your cashmere clothing is both gorgeous and incredible to wear.

There are four differently designed weights of our cashmere – Gassato, Purist, Cashmere Infused and Signature. The options of pattern, color and style are plentiful, making it easy to pick a piece you’ll love. Choose from cashmere dresses, cashmere cardigans, cashmere scarves and many others.

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