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Caring for your cashmere

With the help of our different cashmere care products, you can take care of your gorgeous, cashmere garments for many years. After all, Cashmere is our one true love and what we excel in.

Try out our cashmere care product options today to learn how to care for your clothing. Cashmere can easily retain its shape for years, and it just needs a bit of additional care compared to regular wool clothing.

To remove moisture, our Cedar Balls are the perfect option. Not only do they stop mold from growing, but they are also an alternative to mothballs when it comes to retaining the quality of your cashmere. To store your Cashmere or to travel with it easily, the Pure Sweater Bag keeps the air flowing so the cashmere’s fibers can breathe. The Pure Sweater Bag is also yet another option to stop moths from damaging your cashmere.

Take control of any pilling with ease using our specialist Cashmere Comb. Pilling occurs on the surface of the cashmere during regular use.

Anyone who owns cashmere should have our Cashmere Wash product. This cleaning lotion is designed specifically to clean your cashmere while preserving the color and natural shape effortlessly.

Of course, as dedicated as you can be to looking after your cashmere, occasionally the garments can be damaged through everyday life. But don’t fret – we can expertly repair your cashmere and fix any problems. Just get in touch with our expert team and learn more here.  

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