Purist Cashmere

At Pure Collection, all our Cashmere is wonderfully soft and comfortable – without exception. But with our Purist Cashmere range, we take things to a whole new level. You see, everything in the range is entirely natural, without dye or other treatments.

The Cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, just like with our other high-quality products, and it goes through an intensive cleaning procedure, which gets rid of anything coarse or unwanted fibers from the fabric – again, just like everything else in our collection.

Where Purist differs from our other products is that it goes that one step further – or, rather, it takes one crucial step back. Every Cashmere item in the Purist collection is wholly natural from start to finish. That means it uses no dye or artificial treatment.

This makes for the silkiest, smoothest and most comfortable fabric you’ll ever have the pleasure of feeling on your skin.

The Purist collection includes an extensive range of products, from Cashmere sweaters to warm and comfy Cashmere hats. We also have a range of mitts, snoods and more.

So whether you need a fashionable cardigan or a comfy pair of mitts, try our Purist Cashmere range today. 

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