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  1. Silk Linen Trouser Silk Linen Trouser

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  2. Silk Linen Blazer Silk Linen Blazer

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  3. Laundered Linen Embroidered Dress Laundered Linen Embroidered Dress

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  4. Laundered Linen Maxi Dress Laundered Linen Maxi Dress

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  5. Laundered Linen Tunic Laundered Linen Tunic

    Your Price $90.30 $129

  6. Linen Jersey Bardot Dress Linen Jersey Bardot Dress

    Your Price $69.30 $99

  7. Knitted Linen Tie Neck Top Knitted Linen Tie Neck Top

    Your Price $90.30 $129

  8. Linen Cardigan Linen Cardigan

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  9. Knitted Linen Sweater Knitted Linen Sweater

    Your Price $90.30 $129

  10. Capri Trouser Capri Trouser

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  11. Luxury Linen Poncho Luxury Linen Poncho

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  12. Linen Cardigan Linen Cardigan

    Your Price $105 $150

Find out why linen is a suitcase must-have

In the summer, our women’s linen collection has a whole range of linen tunics to linen tops that make it easy to stay cool and beautiful. Whether you need a bold look for your exotic vacation or just a relaxed piece for lounging around at home, we’ve got you covered.

Linen clothing excels in the summer heat, especially if it’s humid. The fabric doesn’t take much maintenance and is easily cared for. Its absorbent nature keeps you cool, and better yet – it won’t crowd your suitcase!

Despite its airy nature, linen is strong and durable. It can easily last for years and become a timeless piece.

The make of linen clothing, specifically the structure of its fiber and weave, give the fabric increased airflow so it won’t stick to your skin. When wearing linen, warmth will escape more quickly than other fabrics such as silk and wool.

Try our soft linen shirts with their relaxing drapes and adorable buttoned sleeves to look sophisticated everyday. Pair up our linen pants and linen tops for the full linen look that you’ll continue to wear as the years go on. Shop our linen dresses for a whole range of cuts, necklines and shapes in our latest collection.

Linen can be easily paired with so many other styles to help you look casual and cool. Whether you’re out and about or lounging at home, try matching up a shirt dress with heels or a pair of cropped pants with a breezy linen top.

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