Working Together

Our cashmere is sourced from goats in Mongolia. From the beginning we’ve nurtured relationships with our herders and worked directly with them. So we can ensure superb quality at a price that’s fair and right.

"We’ve been pioneering sustainable cashmere farming since 2008."

Made with Love

It takes the fibre of around eight goats to make one Pure Collection sweater, other cashmere companies may only use the fibre from four goats.

We like to think that makes our cashmere twice as nice.

The Perfect Colour

We dye our cashmere before spinning it into yarn to give unsurpassable softness and a beautiful colour vibrancy.

From vibrant brights, to soft neutrals and delicate modern pastels, our collection of colours will refresh your wardrobe and lift your mood, each one perfected by our team of in-house colour experts to make you feel fabulous.

Cashmere For Every Occasion

Our cashmere comes in three specially designed weights; warm and soft 12 gauge, light and airy Gassato and fine and cool Featherweight.

"A love of cashmere means you want to wear it all year round."

It’s All In The Detail

For us, small details are a big deal. Some are more obvious than others; an eye-catching cable or a two-tone twist. Others are less so; the length of a sleeve, the dip of a hem.

"It all adds up to cashmere that’s beautiful to look at and wonderful to wear."

The Pure Promise

Each one of our cashmere garments undergoes 40 different hand processes and is subject to rigorous quality checks by our own staff before it is packed and shipped.

"We promise uncompromising quality, exceptional service and brilliant value for money."