show your cashmere some pure love

A selection of our signature cashmere pieces are machine washable - perfect for times when you're in a hurry.
Simply check the label in your garment and see if it is suitable for machine washing. We do not recommend washing your cashmere in a top loading washing machine.


Place your cashmere inside a laundry bag and wash with similar coloured knits or on its own.


Add a capful of Pure cashmere wash per knit. We do not recommend fabric conditioner.
Select a delicate wash cycle and wash at 30c (80F for the US) on a short spin.


Reshape your cashmere while damp and dry flat, away from sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

gassato and featherweight cashmere are naturally more delicate and are unsuitable for machine washing. Please hand wash these garments.

However much we care for our cashmere, life sometimes gets in the way. Our team of experts can professionally recondition and repair your beloved cashmere, bringing it back to life and making snags, drags or other unwanted mishaps a thing of the past.