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Our Story

Each year, thousands of people across the world join together to celebrate innovation, success and equality throughout history. From politicians and humanitarians to actresses and artists, women have been making their mark on the world since the beginning of time.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are feeling a true sense of pride here at Pure HQ, as we are delighted to have an incredible female workforce full of inspiring women who empower and nurture extraordinary talents, regardless of gender.

“Having women in senior positions acting as great role models is the most natural way to demonstrate our ethics and values and our continued support of the international woman’s day campaign for driving gender balance across the world”

- Samantha Harrison CEO

Extraordinary Women Who Inspire Us

Frida Kahlo | One of the most Celebrated Female Artists of the 20th Century


We credit artist Frida Kahlo for being the inspiration for our upcoming Summer Collection, whose technicolour clothes, floral feminine prints and unmistakably vibrant house in Mexico are as distinguished as her signature art.

As one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century, her work and life continue to captivate the world as she is still remembered as an extraordinary woman who looked inward and became her own muse.

It was her own self-discovery that gifted us her many notable portraits. She was unapologetic about who she was and loved fashion, using native folk art style to explore questions of identity and loved her heritage. This being one of the reasons why her warrior spirit resonates with so many today.

Keep a look out for our new Summer Collection coming soon.

Christina Noble | The Incredible Woman Behind our nominated Charity CNCF

Born in the slums of Dublin, Ireland, Christina overcame the death of her mother at an early age and spent her in orphanages and a period of homelessness on the streets of Dublin. Her difficult beginnings fueled her passion for children’s rights, to which she has dedicated her life.

The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) helps poor, orphaned and abandoned children in Mongolia, a place especially close to our hearts as this is the source of our cashmere. Buy a scarf, change a life.

For every scarf sold Pure will donate 25% to our nominated charity CNCF.

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International Women's Day means different things to different people, but the universal focus on equality and celebration is clear, featuring in all aspects of womens personal and professional lives. With this in mind, we asked fashion and lifestyle blogger Victoria Jane Morris and two of our own female employees what this special day means to them.

VICTORIA JANE MORRIS – Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger

“On International Women’s day we should celebrate our opportunities, we should continue to lift each other up, and be grateful for the changes that we have made so far. We should also take a moment to reflect on the women in other countries that aren’t yet blessed with such freedom. We have the chance to let others lead by our examples. Women everywhere should keep supporting, and looking out for one another, so no one is alone.''

KATHY – Inventory Control Administrator Pure Collection

“It means recognising the achievements of women across the world. For so many women managing the daily balance between work and home life, being both industrious and nurturing, is an achievement in itself and should be acknowledged for the contribution it makes both economically and to society.”

MAYANG – Customer Services Advisor Pure Collection

“International Women's Day is important to me. It is about finding unity with women from around the world, no matter their race, religion or background” To this day, International Women's Day continues to be a powerful platform globally that unifies women and drives action for gender equality, while celebrating all aspects of women’s lives, successes and achievements forever."

(Happy International Women’s Day!)