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Sweater Buying Guide

The Sweater and Jumper Guide

Let our cashmere experts advise and inspire your next sweater purchase

Get to know your sweaters and jumpers

At Pure Collection, finding a beautiful sweater or chic jumper is easy. Yet, with so many styles, shapes and sizes to consider, choosing one that feels as good as it looks can require a little more thinking.

As cashmere experts, we’re here to help you learn more about different sweater and jumper styles and sizes, as well as advise on how to care for your cashmere. Then when you’re ready to shop, simply click here to view our selection in all its glory.

“This sweater is a real winner! It is incredibly soft and perfect to dress up or down as needed.”



Sweaters and jumpers can come in an array of styles to suit any occasion. Take a look below at some of the necklines in our collection and you’re sure to find a style to flatter your figure.


This circular and close-fitting neckline is a staple style for any wardrobe. Crew Neck sweaters and jumpers instantly draw the eye to the top part of your body, which creates an illusion of squarer shoulders, for a more proportioned look.


This popular neckline has straight sides and is wide at the top, narrowing inward to form a V-shape on the chest. With a little more skin on show, a V-Neck can have a lengthening effect on the neck and form an elegant frame for necklaces. You can pick a pretty pendant from our jewellery collection.


For a versatile style that can be dressed up or down, a Roll Neck is your go-to neckline. With its close-fitting and high neck that can be rolled, folded or scrunched over, this timeless trend is perfect for staying warm and building an eye-catching ensemble when paired with fitting jeans or a striking pencil skirt.


Cowl turtlenecks have large, loose collars that are folded over. The extra inches of luxe fabric can create a feminine and attractive drape effect. The distinctive neckline helps to contour your figure and frame your face and neck, as well as add volume to your upper body.

How to make your jumper work year-round

Carefully crafted with the world’s softest and warmest yarn, our sweaters and jumpers offer the perfect solution for staying snug in cool, winter temperatures.

But who said you have to put your sweater away when the warmer weather sets in? Not us! In our collection, you’ll find super-luxe and lightweight pieces for the summer months, too.


Gassato cashmere has a looser weave, which gives a fluid, lighter-weight compared to other cashmere knits. This means our Gassato garments are wonderfully lofty and super-soft for layering. You can wear our Gassato sweaters all year round, and if temperatures cool off, simply style with a beautiful cashmere scarf.


The warm, insulating properties of Signature cashmere make this luxe material the perfect choice for colder months. To beat the chill, wrap up in a chunky knitted sweater, and even add extra warmth to your outfit by layering your knit over a chic top.

Find the right size for your shape

When you’ve picked your favourite style, you’ll want to make sure your new sweater fits just right. For the perfect fit every time you wear your knit, we recommend reminding yourself of your measurements.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some top tips for checking your bust, waist and hips.



Measure around the fullest part keeping the tape measure straight across the back, and under the arms.


Measure the narrowest point of your waistline, keeping the tape measure close but not too tight.


Standing heels together measure around the fullest part approx 20cms below your waistline.

Show your sweaters and jumpers you care

You’ve found a sophisticated pull-over that’s the right shape, that feels wonderful and gets you compliments everywhere you go. So, why not read on for advice on how to take care of your cashmere, so you can treasure your luxurious, exquisitely soft garments for years to come.


With any cashmere piece comes the build up of pills. Piling is often found under the arm or on the shoulder, due to the rubbing or abrasion of everyday use. De-pilling your sweater or jumper is easy. Lay your garment flat and gently comb it in one direction with our Cashmere Comb. To remove excess fluff, simply use a lint roller to finish.


That’s right, a selection of our Signature Cashmere sweaters and jumpers are labelled ‘machine washable’. These Signature pieces can be put on a delicate or woolens wash cycle and washed at 30 degrees Celsius on a short spin, with a capful of cashmere wash. To ensure you keep the shape of your knit, place it on a flat surface, re-shape and leave to dry naturally.