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Product Reviews for Pashmina Shawl - Pillarbox Red

Pashmina Shawl - Pillarbox Red

This is very thin compared to the previous fantastic versions but then that makes it good for summer. My objection to this is the Limeade colour, I have looked at the photos again since receiving mine to see how I missed actual the colour tone. I was expecting a lovely yellow something that would brighten things up and make me smile but sadly I got a colour that looked as though it had been put in a dark wash with a non colour fast garment - it just looks dirty. I would never have ordered a dirty yellow and feel I have wasted my time and money on postage and I will be returning. Pure please in future try and make sure you get accurate colours on your site - it avoids disappointment.

July 22, 2019
Pashmina Shawl - Pillarbox Red

Having read the other customers' reviews I had to add mine,too. I also have found your new pashminas too lightweight, flimsy, not cosy around the neck even when double-folded, also shorter.... same as some other customers I have noticed this change 2-3 years back, not just this season..... before you stopped selling pashminas several years ago, they were true luxury ones, with a full range of colours for several seasons ... then you stopped selling them; I called several times to ask about it and each time was advised that there was not enough demand for them and so on. Then they came back but as a completely new, inferior quality product, with much reduced range of colours and shades, sadly. I am also annoyed to read in your answers to customers' comments how those new ones are exactly the same product as previous one - no, they are not. Even you state that the weave has changed from twill to plain one (why?) - that is exactly the main reason they feel so much lighter (1\3 less as one customer calculated) and flimsier, because plain weave uses much less cashmere... then you go on asking customers to contact you in order to discuss it further (??). Why cannot you be transparent in your replies on line, just as same as the new pashminas have become? Customers are taking time to post comments on the Pure web site, so you should be fully explaining yourselves there, if you decide to reply.

March 21, 2019
Pashmina Shawl - Pillarbox Red

I bought two of these a few weeks ago thinking that they would be ideal to give a little warmth over a sleeveless dress as I have several others which I use in that way. I wore one of these for the first time last night and I may as well not have bothered, very disappointing, I would not recommend theses pashminas at all.

March 10, 2019
Pashmina Shawl - Pillarbox Red

Like other customers I am truly disappointed inthenewstyle cashmere shawls. The navy colour is a true dark navy. Looks a brighter colour on line. This version is SO lightweight compared to my old, gorgeous black one. It's nowhere near as warm and snuggly, I kept mine as it does look good with my new pure wool ivory and navy check coat. Drapes nicely. If advertised as a lightweight alternative at a much lower price, fair enough, but even with 25% discount, this item is hugely overpriced. It's not that it's poor quality, just very lightweight and more for special occasion wear rather than an all rounder like the more substantial older version. Pure have really let down loyal customers who have regularly bought their original shawls and return year after year for more. Please bring the originals back th Pure or lose lots more customers for good. I won't purchase again. I'll look elsewhere for the quality I am used to from Pure.

January 8, 2019
Pashmina Shawl - Pillarbox Red

Warm, light and easy to wear

October 13, 2018
Pashmina Shawl - Pillarbox Red

I have several pashminas from Pure. I wrote to Pure several times when pashminas were discontinued. When I saw your new collection I was planning to buy a new pashmina. After learning that it is a different style and lightweight I am not going to buy any pashminas from this collection. Truly disappointed...

October 10, 2018
Pashmina Shawl - Pillarbox Red

Absolutely love this! I purchased in pillar box red and it's absolutely stunning. So warm and very versatile.

October 9, 2018
Pashmina Shawl - Pillarbox Red

A couple of years ago, I purchased five cashmere shawls in different colors. I enjoyed them so much that I purchased the dark blue one this year. However, I am extremely disappointed in this new one. The quality, weight, and workmanship don't even compare. The fabric is so light and transparent. The weight of the new version is 158gr, vs the old 238gr, while remaining the same size. It contains just 2/3 the amount of cashmere by weight compared to the older version.

September 17, 2018