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Product Reviews for Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

I've owned one of these sweaters and love it and want to add colors. The one I just purchased is a beautiful color but the sizing is off in the torso- it's too big whereas my older one was perfect. The sleeves tend to run a little long for me as I am overall petite. I was able to fix that myself with a simple ""did it myself"" solution. So disappointed that this new sweater was such a baggy fit. Still debating if I should go to the trouble of trying another order with the hope that the sizing will be slightly smaller...

February 2, 2019
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

Shrank half size after wash

January 7, 2019
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

This is a very cute, soft, classy cardigan. You can wear it with a pencil skirt or black slacks to work; or with jeans out. It is very soft, well-made, and looks adorable and feminine, preppy and stylish.

September 21, 2018
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

I ordered this in navy blue and I am extremely pleased. I have worn it with jeans and a denim skirt and it is a classy look with a pretty shirt underneath. I am very impressed with the quality of cashmere ~ the best I have found and I wear cashmere all winter. I will definitely be looking for more sweaters from this company ~ fabulous!

December 26, 2017
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

This sweater is a beautiful, thick cashmere! I loved it at first sight and even more after wearing it. I ordered it in navy and it dresses up jeans with a cute blouse underneath. It is very feminine and a style that I will wear for many years. A good investment as this is not the average cashmere!

November 24, 2017
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

The weather suddenly warned up after purchasing, so not many opportunities to wear yet. For shoppers accustomed to European sizes - UK14 is exactly a EUR40, as l had hoped. The fit is feminine and gives me the appearance of having a narrow waist, which I love. I'm currently talking myself down from buying it in another color too. As for the beige color, I was hoping for a lighter shade of beige, which would have been easier to coordinate with the rest of my wardrobe. The costs of shipping, returning or exchanging from Finland make purchasing decisions too difficult.

June 3, 2017
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

A beautiful quality cashmere cardigan however it is extremely short in the sleeves, so disappointed. Other jumpers etc from Pure Collection were fine in this area!!!!!

May 10, 2017
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

I am small in stature and want the crop top sweater or cardi. \it is not acceptable the long wait or the out of stock do early in the season. I wanted anything in the winter lavender colour, in a crop or 21"" long. Not sure I will lookatthese again with so many not in stock.. Mary

October 31, 2016
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

This sweater is absolutely gorgeous and just different enough to not look ""run of the mill"". It has many versatile looks depending on whether your are wearing it with slacks, skirt or over a dress. Love this sweater and it is wearing fine with no fuzz ball accumulation whatsoever, after 3 wears.

September 23, 2016
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

I bought this ruffle style cardigan in black size 10, two years ago and was really pleased with it. It has worn well and washed well and still looks as good as ever. However, I recently purchased the white ruffle cardigan also in a size 10, and it is a tighter fit, shorter in garment length and has shorter sleeves. The cashmere seems to be of a thinner quality too. Needless to say it's being returned.

September 15, 2016
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

I bought the French Navy in a 16 and it fits perfectly. I read all the reviews (noticed you do have a lot of US buyers), there was one smart lady in Buffalo who cleverly bought a black and a white, how useful that would be. My cardigan (not a 'jacket') is not thin; it's not pastel and not overly bright, just right. It's a ruffled cardigan, so I expected ruffles :-) It looks what it is: a more expensive, cashmere garment (doesn't look 'cheap') but is not foolishly overpriced like some Italian cashmere products are (not mentioning any names). Although it is not a 'sweater' (ie, a jumper) I leave it buttoned up and wear it like a jumper. By 'jumper' I mean a jersey (not a pinafore). I don't have to de-bobble it after every wear, but I know that every woollen garment - cashmere or not - expensive or not - bobbles eventually. That is why God invented cashmere combs. Some buyers seem obsessed with washing cardigans and jumpers. I'm a very clean person, but frequent washing of woollens is unnecessary. Though washing cashmere does make it softer. I'm glad you have a review page, this was a most amusing exercise. Thank you for my perfect cardigan, Pure Collection. !!

September 13, 2016
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

I love this cardigan and I'm always complimented when I wear it. Its beautifully soft and washes very well on the hand wash cycle in my machine. Only problem is that I have to 'comb' it prior to each time its worn as it fluffs very quickly and can look a bit tatty.

July 11, 2016
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

I have two of these ruffle cardigans in the navy and a soft brown. Ordered the soft lime but it was very vivid, looked like a bed jacket on me, so returned by returnand ordered the magenta in 14. I spoke to customer services 9 days ago and was told my order was being processed. Rang today to hear it was out of stock (showing in stock still online) and advised I would only receive one if and when they received returned stock from a customer who didn't want it. Advice was at least a two week wait, with no guarantee I would receive it and they would then 'recondition' the cardigan! I love the ruffle design so am holding on, but not too hopeful of receiving it. Not impressed with the returns service at all. Good way of using my money for 5 weeks.

June 21, 2016
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

This ruffle cardigan is lovely in the brown shade. However the other colours available look a bit bright. I would love to see it in some nice light pastel shades or some more neutral browns/greys/nude. The smallest size available is size 8, which I felt is quite a generous 8. I would LOVE to see this available in size 6. The knit is lovely, soft, comfortable. Please make it in size 6! Or at least make the size 8 smaller! I'm sure there are plenty of petite ladies who would love to wear these!

May 10, 2016
Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan - Denim Blue

Love this cardigan except I had to go up two sizes in order to get a proper fit especially on the sleeves and even now they're not long enough but any bigger and it bulk at the back. I love the design, but resent paying over $100 for something that doesn't fit properly. I'd rather pay more for a product I know fits perfectly!

April 27, 2016