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Product Reviews for Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

Like many other reviewers I have bought several Pure items over the years and have always been very happy with the quality until I purchased this cardigan in Gingerbread about 18 months ago. There is definitely a change in quality, with the cardigan quickly feeling thin and not keeping shape, (I am always careful to wash and dry correctely). I was interested to note that someone else also had problems with this colour way so wondered if it was just this batch. However there are more recent reviews still saying quality has declined. Shame because this has put me off buying more.

August 16, 2019
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

I bought 2 of these cardigans last October, 2018. I've been surprised by how poorly they have worn. The problem seems to be in the quality of the cashmere used. They are already pilling on the arms and sides of the garment. This is not the quality that I've seen before in cashmere from this company. It's a real frustration, because I really love their styles and the range of colors, but I just don't think they should develop pills this quickly. I only dry clean my cashmere, so it's not my technique in washing them that's the problem.

April 23, 2019
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

I love 'Pure' cashmere products generally. This cardigan arrived, beautiful colour, soft cobalt but after only 3 times of wearing it looks scruffy because the fabric has bobbles all over it. I know cashmere can do this but not to this extent. I have used the cashmere comb to reduce the pilling but it still looks second-rate sadly. A great shame for a high price product.

January 31, 2019
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

I bought this in the dark turquoise. It is a lovely colour and very flattering. The neat cut is great and the quality of cashmere, as ever with Pure, is superb! Just what I need for cool summer evenings on holiday. Perfect for summer but will go over black in winter too. A great buy. Thanks Pure!

June 14, 2018
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

This cardigan was a disappointment. I was really surprised when I took it out of the mailing packet. I expected better quality, after more than a decade of being a loyal customer. The weight and quality of the knit has decreased considerably. As a result, it doesn't wash well, it doesn't hang or lay well, and it creases. I have a cardigan of this style from a couple of years ago that has a hefty weight and a nice hand, and it surpasses this one. I was hoping for that quality with this cardigan. Pure has been my go-to for exceptional value for cashmere, but now I'm re-thinking that choice. It's unfortunate, because there's no place else to find the range of styles and colors. I'd also like to add that attaching a packet of detergent to the sweater with a plastic loop is a hazard. I didn't notice it when I washed the sweater (on a special mild knit cycle), and it exploded in the wash. Then the loop began to pull, and stretched the knit out. I'm jolly lucky it didn't put holes into my sweater. I'm keeping the sweater because I can't find anything like it anywhere else, but I wish it had the quality of my other cardigan.

May 9, 2018
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

Just started investing in Pure cashmere. I find this cardigan in black extremely useful and will buy another when there's a good promotion. I am usually a size 12 but bought size 14 and it fits very well. I don't want my cardis tight. But I do think it's probably a little small to size. Very happy with my purchase.

May 3, 2018
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

This is my fourth V neck and my favourite in your range,always feels and looks neat and stylish. Great colours ,I do wish it didn't pill. It' seems that's the cost of soft cashmere, The tubular hems create a firm good shape,love wearing your cardigans,thank you .

March 18, 2018
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

This is the first cashmere piece I buy from Pure Collection. The only good thing was the colour. The cardigan shrank in the wash although I followed instruction very carefully and used Pure Collection cashmere soap. After wearing 3 times the sleeves and sides were covered in little wool balls. It looks like an old cardigan . I have bought many dresses and tops from PC and I love them, it is just the cashmere which disappointed me.

February 17, 2018
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

Disappointed. Had to return it as the sleeves were very tight. Not the previous fit.

November 16, 2017
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

I wrote earlier about the sapphire color being different than I expected. After ordering the skirt, blouse and cardigan, I think I have figured things out. This 'sapphire' cardigan is the same color as the washed silk blouse with sapphire stripes. They look gorgeous together. The sapphire pencil skirt and the pure silk blouse are a darker color, but much prettier than navy. After all that, I decided to keep this cardigan to go with the washed silk blouse, which I can wear with casual pants. They are all quite beautiful,l though. Just don't expect the cardigan to match the skirt.

September 15, 2017
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

Previously, these V neck cardigans have been of outstanding quality. I have bought several in different colours over the last few years and love them. BUT something not good has happened all of a sudden. I bought the V neck cardigan in Gingerbread and although the colour is great the quality of the fabric is inferior. No longer do we have tubular hems and buttonband, instead there are thin, single-layer edgings that don't hang well and do not feel at all cosy. The usual luxurious density of the texture of the fabric is gone, and in its place is a tighter, more flimsy layer. That flimsy layer is soft, but not in a gossamer way, in a cheap way. If this change was made to save costs let me say I would rather pay a bit more and get the original quality back please. I am returning the cardigan very sadly.

September 14, 2017
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

I bought this cardigan in the vivid sapphire and have decided to return it. All the normal Pure quality is here and the color is very beautiful but it is not as bright as I was expecting. I will try the bright sapphire silk blouse now.

August 22, 2017
Cashmere V Neck Cardigan - Clementine

I got the lime dip dye color to wear with white jeans and tan linen pants for cool summer nights. the bright yellow color is the epitome of summer and is so flattering. I think this will easily go from the beach to dinner. The quality is wonderful. I am very happy with this purchase.

August 9, 2017