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Product Reviews for Slim Leg Jean - Black Corduroy

Slim Leg Jean

I have these super jeans in indigo, white, soft green & black. Love them all so ordered another pair in black but longer length to wear with heels. So disappointed - they collect every tiny bit of fluff, lint, hair until they look like a snowstorm! My regular length black pair doesn't do this. I checked the material details and the longer length have a little less cotton, more polyester so maybe this is why. If I hadn't removed the tickets they would have gone back but I expected them to be the same.

May 6, 2019
Slim Leg Jean

These are the best fitting jeans I've had in a long time. I don't find jeans easy to fit because I have no hips but a comparatively large waist. These fit superbly, even around the back where I find jeans often sag because of my lack of a bottom. They also stay up, a problem I have found with other jeans, which fall down constantly. They are well made, stylish and look quality.

November 1, 2018
Slim Leg Jean

The best-fitting slim-leg jeans around - the proverbial second skin. The only con: they sag a little after a few hours' wear. But they soon wash back into shape.

May 2, 2018
Slim Leg Jean

Oh Pure! What have you done to the sizing? These jeans have always been perfect - now I can't get the same size past my knees and NO it is not me!!

March 29, 2018
Slim Leg Jean

Will buy again

March 15, 2018
Slim Leg Jean

I've purchased the ecru cord and the (dark) gray denim jeans both in size 4 (American). The ecru cord is a lighter weight material, but nice enough; I like the lighter color. I found the gray denim so comfortable that I wanted a 2nd pair in the pale gray, Sadly, both pairs that were sent to me were drastically small - waist size about 5 inches narrower than the darker gray and ecru. (I could not pull them much past my knees!!) Strange! I finally just ordered a 2nd pair of the darker gray, which at least is consistent in size. I don't usually wear a slim leg as I don't have skinny legs but these fit well in a snug way. However the waist size is a bit large and roomy. I am 5'5''/ 130lbs.

February 24, 2018
Slim Leg Jean

Oh No! What has Pure done to this all time favourite jean?? I have bought them for years and they have been the most perfect fit. I rushed to buy two more as my old indigo ones on their last legs and to my dismay find they have been changed and are no more the perfection they have always been. Lower waist, tighter legs - oh no! My shape is the same but the jeans is not - a huge disappointment. Please please bring back the originals. Very sadly returning them, no new jeans for Christmas

December 9, 2017
Slim Leg Jean

It is frustrating that the reviews on the website do not appear to be readable I can see that the ratings is 3.8 but not the content behind

November 4, 2017
Slim Leg Jean

I am a pear shape so find skinny jeans that flatter difficult to find. These are just right. I am a 38 inch hip, 5ft 4in tall, ordered a size 12S and 10S and kept the 10 - they took a little time to 'break' them in, as they are a very slim fit, but after a few hours of wear they are comfortable and very flattering. The material is thick and forgiving and the dark denim colour creates a nice lean look. One note - the dark colour has transferred onto my hands the first couple of wears, but it seems to subside the more I wash and wear them.

May 3, 2017
Slim Leg Jean

The material feels and looks cheap, as expected from a down market chain store. It is difficult to believe they are 99% cotton.

April 17, 2017
Slim Leg Jean

This is my new go to pant. Perfect fit (tall, slender build - 4L). Love the look and cut. I ordered gray and black and am now ordering indigo. Love it.

March 14, 2017
Slim Leg Jean

Really comfortable to wear and hold shape well. A versatile shade too!

February 13, 2017
Slim Leg Jean

I. just got my pair of these jeans in the mail this morning. I find the fit perfect although I wish they sat a little higher up as Pure's velvet washed jeans but they are an excellent winter-weight (or spring-weight) jean and I am sure I will enjoy wearing them.

February 6, 2017
Slim Leg Jean

These are very good quality jeans but sadly for me not a good fit for me. I'm a fairly standard size 10 & 5'4"" but found these to be too big on the thighs & bottom and just not snug enough around the waist and hips but not big enough to downsize. If these were the same cut as the washed velvet jeans they'd be perfect! A real shame as the quality is so good.

November 1, 2016
Slim Leg Jean

I have bought 5 pairs of these jeans over the last couple of years, my weight has not changed and now the size 12 feels like a small size 10. Disappointed as I paid £4.95 to have them deliver and now have to go through the hassle of returning. Not really keen to have to buy a size 14 when I'm not that size! Why has the sizing changed so much?

September 2, 2016